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Absolute minimum supplies needed for starting an acrylic painting journey

Hello gang :)

This week is another vlog post. I keep hearing the same question over and over in acrylic painting forums "I really want to start painting in acrylics, what are the bare minimum supplies I need to start?"

And I totally get it, you want to dive in, but are not sure you will love it yet and so don't want to make a huge investment. In this video I go though all of the absolute basic materials you need to start acrylic painting. I do mention gesso, you could actually not get this if you are buying pre gesso'd frames at your art store.

Not only that, I am filming a tutorial on the canvas you see behind me using exactly those materials mentioned. I will likely add some zinc white later in the process for some lighting effect at the very end, but you will absolutely be able to follow along if you buy what I showed you in the video. If you want to stay up to date for the release date of this tutorial subscribe as a member to my website and get exclusive access to a lot of content, as well as a discount for this tutorial when it is released :)

I have zero affiliation with any of these links, it's just to help you find ideas. Please do your own shopping around or support your local art store. That said I can't recommend Golden paint products enough for acrylics.

Talk soon!

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