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Andrea Fryett


Painting is like unravelling the mysteries of the natural world and recreating them on canvas.

I love to paint nature in its many forms,  by drawing on the tools of the old masters and how they seemingly so effortlessly recreated  nature, I aim to understand the workings of the natural world and recreate them on canvas.  Whether it be capturing the light and atmosphere over the mountains, the stillness of a rainy day, or the expression in the eyes of a individual who has a life time of experience to share.  There is so much to master in order to faithfully represent the beauty in the world, and this challenge is what fills my life with joy and excitement.

Below is a sneak peak of some of my larger painting subjects.  Each section it's own dedicated page for you to explore.


Breathing life into your creative vision.

I absolutely enjoy painting commissioned pieces.  It allows us to collaborate together to create something new and exciting in line with your vision.  Landscape commissioned pieces are often like landscape portraits.  Clients order a landscape because the place holds deep emotional meaning to them.  Often memories from childhood, the family cottage or places of travel that left a lasting impact.  Sometimes they are just places to go to meditate.  

For me as an artist, landscapes are the most challenging subject matter

There is so much going on in a landscape, and so much to master to be able to faithfully depict what we see.  Landscape painting most definitely offers one of  the most technical challenges to the artist.  Recreating atmospheric effects and light in a medium that is opaque and doesn't carry it's own luminosity requires careful planning and many tricks.  To me painting landscapes feels like and incredible puzzle waiting to be solved.  Each piece presenting it's own challenges and requiring it's own set of strategies.

Vancouver Sea Wall Acrylic On Canvas

Our pets come into our lives and turn them completely upside for the better.

As a pet owner I know how much we love our furry companions.  They are our comrades, our best friends and our family.  That is why I pour so much love into every painting of your pets, carefully capturing every detail, their personality, moments you share together, and every hair and whisker on their heads.


The world is an incredibly magical place

 Even since I was small I would envision faeries in landscapes.  They were symbolic for the spirit inherent in living things, a way to personify that spirit.  I found them in trees, in mushrooms, in the way the light dappled on the waters surface, on the breeze rustling the leaves.  Faeries were everywhere. I paint subjects like wild life and especially more narrative figurative work I really like to let my imagination run wild.  In these pieces I really try to capture the essence of the living creature, their soul, what their mysticism might be, how they might rejoice in the natural world around them.  


Each and every one of us has our own story to tell.  Each and everyone one of us touches the lives of those around us in unique ways.


Portrait paintings are a great way to tell and share your stories and the stories of your loved ones.  From birth, to life's miles stones like weddings, great achieving moments, and even upon passing.  

Portrait paintings are crafted to stand the test of time and are a fabulous legacy to leave your family for future generations.


If you are ready to share your life's story, contact me today for more information on how to get started.


My Story

I grew up in a family of artists and crafts people.  My father, an Architect, designed the homes I grew up in.  When he was not designing buildings he was busy building kayaks and gliders in our basement or back yard.  My Aunt Judy who I looked up to as a child was a very talented and respected painter and illustrator, and my grandfather a passionate wood carver.  Growing up in this environment meant that I was surrounded by art history books, books about design, perspective and colour theory, sketches, painting and sculptures by the ones I loved.  I was naturally drawn to the arts from a very young age and began drawing seriously at the age of 10 and painting in oil, acrylic and watercolour by the age of 13.  


In 2000 I started a bachelor in Fine arts with a major in painting and drawing at Concordia University, Montreal Quebec.  As part of my bachelors I spent a lot of time experimenting with new mediums including interactive robotic sculpture in the electronics art program under the direction of Bill Vorn, as well as digital arts, mixed media and instillation work.

In 2005 my love of technology brought me back to school for 3D graphics at Campus Ubisoft where I got to study under talented artists such as Raphael Lacoste who has been forever and inspiration.  This launched a 6 year career in Videogames as an environment artist at Ubisoft's  Montreal production studio.


 In 2008 I returned to painting and began studying briefly under Irena Korosec, a master painter with a beautiful school in old Montreal.

In 2013 I ventured out on my own and opened my own  3D rendering company Albi Digital where I continued using my strenths of lighting and composition in this new digital medium.  3D rendering artists create photographs of buildings and interior spaces that are not yet built.  These images are often used for marketing purposes and in the design process for architects, landscape architects, interior designers and developpers.


In 2015 I began teaching 3D graphics for video games full time at Campus Ubisoft where I was in charge of the 3d modelling program.  This incredibly fulfilling job allowed me to help the next generation of artists build thier skills and find work in the game industry which was often a life long dream of their.s


In 2016 I began giving professional rendering courses to architects and designers through the Cegep de Vieux Montreal.


In 2017 I had the great fortune of working part time at Gallerie Bloom in Old Montreal.  I learned so many things about the business of art and painting in my short months in the gallery.


In 2018 I moved to Vancouver where I have continued my painting practice, inspired by the natural beauty surrounding this great city.  

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