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Landscape Painting

An otherworldly escape

Landscape painting is my way of offering you a quiet peaceful place to go to dream and unwind.  Away from the chaos of the world around us.  Some of the landscapes that I paint are inspired by real places.  I use photographs from my travels and my home, beautiful British Colombia, as inspiration.  A great deal of my works however are completely imaginary locations.  I create them as my own escape from stressful times as a type of healing meditation.  When I access this flow in my painting I am aiming to pass one these feelings to you, striving to illuminate the deeper, sometimes hidden meanings, behind seemingly simple things.



As a landscape artist, I aim to capture the sense of wonder I feel in the exquisite beauty, hues, patterns, and energy of my surroundings. I am in tune with the elements, observing how the wind, light, currents, and other forces interact with the landscape.

After completing a sketch of my subject on my ipad,I begin to lay down the first layers of paint, carefully selecting each stroke. Using a variety of brushstrokes allows me to illustrate the types of movement and energy I see before me, from sweeping gestures portraying wind blowing clouds across the skies, to the dancing, rippling motions that evoke the flow of currents in the water. All of this comes together to instil in the painting a sense of depth and atmosphere, drawing the viewer into the scene. In this process, my aim is to evoke a sense of place, not merely to depict it. As I lose myself in the moment, following my intuition, the painting blossoms, organic and true.


Digital Sketches to finished works

Time-lapse video of a landscape in progress.

Full length tutorial videos coming soon!

Prints are printed in a variety of sizes on high quality gallery wrapped canvas and are guaranteed not to fade.  They will be shipped directly to you from the printers.  Click here to buy

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Please contact me at to finalize sales of original works.

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