Because our pets mean the world to us.

As a pet owner I know how much we love our furry companions.  They are our comrades, our best friends and our family.  That is why I pour that much love into every painting of your pets, carefully capturing every detail, their personality, moments you share together, and every hair and whisker on their heads.

How does it work?

1. Decide the style and material you would like for your portrait.

As a multi-media trained artist I have the opportunity to offer you portraits in a variety of styles that are done in a variety of ways.  The medium chosen tends to dictate the style. Below are photos in each style.  The price, time it takes to do the work, and final result depend on the medium and style.

Styles and Materials

Digital Watercolor and Oil Style

Digital paintings are a popular choice.  They are artistically created and have a very life like photo realistic quality.  You will receive a digital copy of your painting that you can share with friends and family, and you can order prints of various on canvas and other objects. The cost for art creation and a digital file is 50$.  Prints are available on canvas, photo paper, poster, mugs and a variety of other option.  Another advantage is that you can order many copies of the work.  A great Christmas gift for your favorite pet lover.

A price guide for print options can be found here .


Traditional Media Acrylic, Oil or Watercolor on Canvas or Watercolor paper

Acrylic paintings lend themselves to a more traditional feel.  Painted with the highest quality acrylics and using the smallest brushes I capture every hair on your pets head.  These beautifu portraits have an incredible finish complete with paint texture and then varnished with UV protecting varnish ensuring that your piece will last a life time.

An 8x10 takes around 8 -16 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the image so expect a higher price tag and wait time for your final painting.

Paintings on high grade 300lbs water colour paper are very easy to frame.  Frames can be purchased from Ikea or for any art store for very reasonable prices.

Acrylic  paintings on canvas are very similar to paper in terms of style and feel but they have the added advantage of not needing a frame.  These paintings come with gallery wire on the back and painted sides for a polished look so that they can be hung and enjoy immediate at no extra cost.

A price guide can be found here for acrylic paintings.

2. Take a photo of your pet

Email  me the photo you would like to use at, higher resolution images yield best results. and tell me about your pet's personality and why you would love a portrait: is it a gift? A memorial? Part of a series?  The more infomation you can give me for your painting the better.

Portraits are mailed out or hand delivered ready to be enjoyed by you and your entire family.

3. Enjoy your painting

New ways to appreciate your portrait and great gift idea's!

Thanks to modern day technology,  you no longer have to clear out wall space to hang your gorgeous portrait of you favorite furry friend.  You can now appreciate your portrait on a wide variety of fun and useful objects, everything from pillows, to mugs, to puzzles and more!  Check out some of the options available to you.  If you would love to have one of these options I would suggest a digital portrait to begin with as they lend themselves better to the printing process.  To see a full range of ideas and prices please check here.

Ready to get started!

Order your pet portrait today!

Time-lapse of a cat painting in acrylic



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