Since 2006 I have been teaching and performing Oriental Dance (Belly Dance) in Montreal Quebec.  This art form is incredible in the way it brings joy into the lives of others either through classes or performances at weddings, restaurants and festivals.

So many of our creative impulses are at play in this art form.  First the is the deep understanding and connection to music that is necessary for a dancer.  Our use of acting and theatre in order to convey emotion and transport our audience to beautiful and unknown territory.  Problem solving and special art when we choreograph either as a soloist or for groups.  Lastly but not least, costuming and prop making which become the signature of the dancer.

Below you will find some images from my performances, always in costumes created by myself.

If you would like to see more or would like to hire me for you event you can check my dance website at


In Vancouver you can catch a performance from time to time at

Anatolis resturant in North Vancouver

Taverna Greka In New West

ad at Raqs on the Drive organised by Rahel Claman.