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The Psychology of Fonts

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

As I've been diving into the world of Graphic Design for my new company and creative endeavor CreativelYours on Esty ( ) I've developed a bit of a font addiction. As painters we don't always really appreciate the power and importance of fonts in design. In fact, we don't usually even come across moments where we need them. It's not until we have to start creating advertisements or promote our businesses that font choice becomes very important. Font can have lines shapes and composition just like the elements in our paintings. Used correctly and they can create a strong and lasting impact. They can set the tone for your brand, giving subtle visual cues as to what you are all about. I've found a few articles about the psychology of fonts to help you discover the beautiful and complex world that is typography.

If you need to look for fonts to use for your business or art endeavor you can find a wealth of free ones by searching for "Font Duo" on Pinterest


A very Kind reader Fabiola Castro reached out after having found this article on fonts and wanted to share another useful link with you :) After doing some digging she came across a new resource of fonts that are free for commercial use and are super well organized.

Thank you Fabiola :)

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