Free Mega Artist Reference Online

I've recently started getting back into drawing, it's honestly something I've let slip since I started painting more and more and I must say it is a decision I regret. Painting relies so heavily on our ability to interpret visual information and then record it through drawing and rendering. If we let our drawing skills slide, we let our creativity slide and can quickly work ourselves into a progress plateau. In fact many of the world top concept artists have incredible ways of photo-bashing, using pre-designed shapes and 3D to help them with the simple task of accurate drawing. Reference are great and to get around the issue of drawing a lot of artists trace from photo's. This works for a while but is very limiting in the long run, and can be much more time consuming as we hunt for the perfect references to get the job done. We are either stuck with what we find, or spend enormous amounts of time hunting and then editing what we are doing to fit the references. In reality we should be using the reference and working them to match OUR vision, not the other way around. So with the aim of practicing drawing in mind, I thought I would link to this incredible resource I just found online. It's essentially just an enormous curated and well organized bank of illustrations from Pinterest and should help your with your sketching journey. Enjoy

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