• How to build your artist website Part 1
    Sun., Aug. 01
    Video Tutorial
    I keep hearing over and over from my artist friends that they would love a website to showcase and sell their work, but can't seem to figure out how. In this training I will walk you through building your own art website site using WIX, a powerful client with many built in features.
  • Building your Artist Website 1 on 1 help
    Mon., Aug. 02
    zoom meeting
    You've started setting up your website but are still stuck? Register to this event to Book a a zoom meeting so I can help walk you through your problems as I fix your site. After registering to this event I will contact you to set up our meeting time.
Acrylic, Landscape Painting, Spirit Island, Banff Canada




My projects

Welcome to my world.  Take a quick glance at my ongoing projects before diving deeper into the site.   These are my ongoing professional projects as an artist and designer.  Each project is unique and offers a different type of service.  You ca find more info by clicking on the name title or in the site menu.