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About Us

The Willow Of Rain City

The willow of rain city is my more whimsical project.  Ever since I was little I have been inspired buy the works of John William Waterhouse, Alan Lee and Brian Froud.  I've always adored the power feminine figures and links to symbolism and nature.   Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums to use for the willow of rain city for it's closeness to drawing and illustration.  After creating works in watercolor they are scanned and printed onto textiles and other awesome products.  The Willow Of Rain City aims to bring you wrap you in a world of nature and magic through print to garment technology.  


Willow's Story

I've always enjoyed doing custom paintings and selling canvas prints, but in 2020 I realized there were so many other amazing ways I could share my works.  I started to hunt around and found a Canadian based seamstress and print to garment company.  I adored that the works would be made by hand in Canada, and that I could offer my works on beautiful textiles ready to wear.  This has been such an enriching artistic journey for me, and I am so proud to know that my works are being worn around the globe.

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