Some of the work I am most proud of during my career as a 3D artist is the work of my students from Campus ADN in Montreal Quebec.  I had the pleasure of coaching these students from beginner/intro level in art and 3D software through to a finished game product at the end of one year.  The ammount that they learned and their evolution as artists in that short period is nothing short of miraculous.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping others build a career and realise their dreams.  Many of my students have gone on to work for ubisoft, warner brothers,  Panashe games and a handfull of other Indy companies throughout Montreal and Quebec.

The three game trailors were created in 15 weeks by all students at campus.  The level designers were responsible for gameplay, the animators responsible for the annimations, and my students, the 3D artists were responsible for creating the visuals you see here.  15 weeks is an incredibly tight prodution timeline so as a lead artist, to get my students to a final product I had little room for error.  Careful planning and highly resusable assets was the name of the game.  Each team of artists was comprised of about 12 - 15 individuals.  They were responsible for concept art, modelling, texturing, lighting and of course performance.

These games were created with 3D Studio Max, zbrush, photoshop, substance painter and designer and built in Unity game engines.

Environment and Marketing Art at Ubisoft Montreal

Some before and after shots of my work on marketing graphics for Assasin's Creed Revelations.

Marketing of a new game release begins many months before the game is complete.  Some of the 3D models are built and some sections of environment art, characters, animations, and gameplay are complete and integrated, but for the most part each department is still in building testing and polishing phases.  Despite this reality, game companies have to present finished material to use to market the game.  This is done in part by creating a benchmark environment, where one or two artists work full time to create a final map that will be used for marketing and also as a guide for the rest of the art team to follow in terms of quality, level of detail and overall feel of the finished art.

In other cases, a screenshot artist has to quickly polish small sections for a single image to be used as marketing images in print and web publications as well as during  press conferences and demo presentations.

Here you will see a video showing my process from work in progress environment to final screenshot image.

I had to fill in the gaps in the environment and lighting, as well as play and pause the characters.  I then had to go in a repose the action as many of the animations were still in a very rough phase.

The final work was done in photoshop to add the sepcial effects that were intended, but not yet created and integrated into the game.

Toward the end of this video you will also see some of my environment art on

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Prince Of Persia

Shaun White Skateboard

Shaun White Snowboard wii

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles